Alli Forsythe is a Los Angeles based, fitness trainer and wellness coach who has worked with celebrities, athletes and everyday people alike. She was named a top fitness instructor by TimeOut LA magazine and has led fitness classes and festivals around the world as well as represented some of the biggest brands in the industry. As someone who walks the walk, Alli puts herself in every arena she can, that challenges her to be stronger and more confident in her own skin and abilities.  She raced around the world on CBS' The Amazing Race and has competed in numerous triathlons including the ITU World Championships as an amateur athlete for Team USA. 

"The experiences and moments in my life that make me feel most alive seem to all stem from one common denomenator - a certain level of physical fitness and health. I once worked out for a cute ass and maybe a 6 pack if I could pause the partying for long enough. I got fit for the wrong reasons, but I stay fitfor any opportunity ahead that  life has to offer and I will fight for that stregnth for the rest of my life."

-Alli Forsythe

For brand partnership or collaboration inquiries: management@alliforsythe.com