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Growing up, I was creative, I was adventurous and well, not much has changed over the last decade. My

career has spanned from everything

in-between. I workout hard, coach others, travel often and work with different brands and companies in the health, wellness, travel and adventure space to create content that will hopefully inspire their audience to get out and do more of these things.


My inspiration and motivation to continue training and challenging myself comes from traveling the world and the adventures I’ve had on them. Some of my best and most exciting memories were simultaneously my most challenging endeavors. Cycling from sea level to 10,000 feet up the Haleakala volcano in Maui was one of them. Creating films that tell inspiring stories is my greatest passion. I love when I am able to share my own stories from time to time too. I am proud to have worked with some of my favorite brands like CLIF Bar, NUUN Hydration and adidas and to give preference for creating content to companies who strive to inspire others to live active and healthy lifestyles too.

As far as my fitness background, I have 10 years of experience in personal training, coaching and teaching. I was an instructor at a boutique cycling studio, SoulCycle, for almost 5 years. My home base studios were where my community was in Westlake Village and Manhattan Beach, CA, but I often taught in NYC, Texas and over the holidays in Aspen, CO. In partnership with Adidas, I led the Wanderlust festival across North America as both the festivals emcee and run coach for 3 years. I have coached and taught at countless fitness studios with a variety of training modalities during the last decade. In February of 2019, I took a break from the studio to focus on coaching and training my individual clientele on each of their unique goals while simultaneously creating content for brand partners. Most recently, I've begun working as a creative director and producer developing story-based content and content series for brands, featuring their athletes and ambassadors. I have goals to take this to a much larger scale and recently began building a production company and creative collective that focuses on just that. I'd love to one day host my own television show and for at least one film I create to be aired on a major network, on Netflix or seen at a festival. 

I was on Season 25 of The Amazing Race on CBS. My teammate and I were known as #TheCyclists from our years of cycling in New York City. If you want to watch it, I won't ruin the end for you. It's on Hulu and Amazon. As far as my own athletic endeavors, I consider myself a pretty competitive athlete. I am at many triathlon events and love the community so much. The sport gives me so much life as I know it does for many others, not to mention the level of fitness it provides due to the nature of the training. In 2018, I raced at the ITU World Championship for Team USA in the Age-Group division. In 2021, I qualified for my second championship and will be racing in Abu Dhabi repping the USA again! If you see me at a race, come say hi!

I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to reach out to me at

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